About Thinky Space

Lets put on our thinky caps and get to work, together. 

Thinky Space is an insights and innovation practice, working at the intersection of design thinking, human centered design, service design and architecture. Clients often come from Workplace, Education and Cultural sectors, with the same problem space in common– how might we leverage design research and insight to create a more engaging, vibrant experience for our people, digitally, physically, culturally?  At the core, Thinky Space helps clients make space for thinking more creatively and collaboratively.

Good ideas die in power points.

Thinky Space also helps clients move quickly from thinking into action.  Its important to move from thinking space to test driving ideas through learning labs, pilots and prototypes. Thinky Space helps clients think through how to organize and launch pilot programs to learn quickly and act on proven successes. 

Thinky Space also believes in sharing ideas outward. While projects are confidential, the learnings, frameworks and ideas gleaned from experience can be shared with the world through writing, lecturing, teaching and coaching. The practice is lead by Liz Burow, a seasoned design leader and research strategist who launched Thinky Space in September 2020.  


About Liz Burow:

Liz is a 2020 LinkedIn Top Voice, leader in workplace strategy & design research and former Vice President at WeWork. She has worked with both Fortune 100 companies and fast growing start- ups spanning tech, finance, media and creative sectors. Whether improving one meeting or a global product or guideline, her passion is challenging status quo, bringing strategy to life and helping businesses thrive. She is an expert facilitator, communicator, and educator, frequently writing and speaking on design research and the future of work.

Liz loves to make things and make things happen. She brings empathy, data and research insights into products to align space, culture and brand. Liz builds and lead innovative teams that thrive on curiosity and change. She is action oriented, scrappy and resourceful and has built new innovation and insight practices from scratch and scaled those across global organizations. Liz’s super power is visual thinking. If you are talking it, she is drawing it.

Liz is earned her masters in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her bachelor of arts in architecture from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. Learn more about liz and her career milestones on Linkedin. 

Facilitation and Teaching:

Liz has extensive experience teaching, leading workshops, design sprints and hackathons. She has develop curricula for students and executives, designers and non-designers, with a special interest in getting people to work outside their own discipline, skill set, and/or comfort zone. Elements such as design thinking, body-storming, and service design thinking introduce new frameworks for innovation and collaboration. Students get comfortable with thinking visually, and learn a broad spectrum of problem framing, synthesis, communication, and storytelling techniques to help make ideas tangible and bring awareness to relevant issues and topics. 

Focus Areas:

Workplace Strategy & Business Development

Product Research and Innovation

Design Thinking and Workplace Facilitation

Presentation and Communication Design

Project and Team Management

Teaching & Curriculum Development