AUTONOMY AT WORK: Working With People and Big Data to Make the Right Choices

Autonomy and choice is the future of work. In 2016 Louise Sharp, Principal At HLW and I presented at the Future Office conference in LA on this thesis. Many themes are relevant still today. To support our claim, we used HLW projects and other market trends showcasing users desire for choice, flexibility, personalization and porosity….

THE SCIENCE OF SPACE: The mechanics behind the vibe at WeWork

At WeWork our goal in Workplace Strategy and Design Research is to design with rigor and metrics the magic people felt as they walked into a WeWork location. Our Science of Space lecture and article dig into the mechanics and metrics behind this feeling and invite people to add these elements to their own work…

FOOD IS A TOOL: How to design your way out of “Dining al Desko”

We all eat. Food is a universal experience that brings people together and builds and sustains healthy communities. Organizations use food experiences as both cultural and innovation tools. Food can be embedded in experiences that help people to discover themselves in a learning context and to share about themselves in a professional context. At the…


In an era where everyone is asking, “What does an innovative workplace look like?” it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find exceptional examples that truly break the mold. HLW‘s design for the YouTube Space NY is one of these exceptions. Click here to read more about the presentation I gave as part of an…


Why is design thinking regularly bypassing architecture and interior design firms? This line of questioning is posed by writer Emily Bobrow in the recently published article, The Innovation Insurrection, by the Nielsen Perspective 2015 fallwinter magazine.