LIVING LEARNING AND WORKING AFTER COVID-19: A Panel discussion hosted by MIT Architecture Association

America is currently in the midst of a pandemic that threatens to upend life as we know it. There is a great chance that many aspects of contemporary life will change for the foreseeable future. How will we live? How will we work? How will we learn? All of these questions remain unanswered. Thankfully, our community is thinking about what the future may hold.

In this online panel discussion from August 6, 2020, we discuss life after COVID-19. The event features two prominent alumni in a wide-ranging discussion highlighting the role that Course IV alumni are playing in terms of strategizing the shape of life and work post-pandemic.


Liz Burow M.Arch ‘05, Vice President of Workplace Strategy at WeWork Elliot Felix, M.Arch ’06, Founder at Brightspot Strategy


Pamela Tang MArch ’83, SMCE ’85, President and Northern California Representative 

Marilys R. Nepomechie, M.Arch ’83, Southeast US Representative

Kenneth Namkung, M.Arch ‘03, Vice President of Communications