THE SCIENCE OF SPACE: The mechanics behind the vibe at WeWork

At WeWork our goal in Workplace Strategy and Design Research is to design with rigor and metrics the magic people felt as they walked into a WeWork location. Our Science of Space lecture and article dig into the mechanics and metrics behind this feeling and invite people to add these elements to their own work experiences.


Chrisoula Kapelonis, Google

Liz Burow, WeWork


Stephanie Park, WeWork

Claire Rowell, WeWork

Abstract from The Science of Space event:

Space is an incredibly powerful tool to foster engagement, inspire innovation, and drive productivity. The right environment helps build a sense of community and empowers your employees to do their best work.

But what exactly does an optimal, high-performing space look like?

What elements must come together to make an efficient, engaging, and effective workplace?

The Science of Space, will explore cutting-edge research from inside and outside WeWork’s walls, and equip you with actionable ideas to drive your workspace forward. Discover how the science of intentional design and the right activation can turn any work environment into a holistic experience.