DRAWING FOR THINKERS: Sketching skills for the non-believer

My DRAWING FOR THINKERS course is a 2-hour workshop teaching drawing skills as a way to diagram and think through tough problems.

The target audience for this workshop is the ‘I Can’t Draw’ crowd and those who want to improve on their ability to sketch as a tool for design thinking and representation.

VizThink - Drawing - 2/23/11 - 012Participant Learning Objectives

• get comfortable and confident sketching ideas in front of others

• learn to sketch as a way to diagram and think through problems (with others or by yourself)

• simply express complex ideas

VizThink - Drawing - 2/23/11 - 068Why Drawing is important

• Pictures are global and transcend words, they carry metaphors, symbols and meaning beyond the written word.

• Capturing ideas with images takes less time then reading text or verbalizing ideas

• Making drawings helps you tell stories more effectively

Description of activities

Learning through hands-on exercises and games is central to this workshop. Key points are covered quickly at the beginning of each exercise and most of the time is spent doing and practicing. Engaging with fellow participants and the workshop leader is encouraged.


• build confidence in drawing ability for those with no experience

• simply communicate complex ideas

• develop a new way to think through problems

• develop personal toolbox of sketching shortcuts

• exercises to practice in spare time

This workshop is set up as a ‘studio’ environment, where participants practice drawing standing at large sheets of paper hung from the wall or standing at a table. No technical equipment is needed, but a whiteboard or paper and easel is required for the workshop leader.